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  • A New STA Tool at DAC, No Not Cadence

    The big EDA companies get big attention at DAC, however sometimes the little EDA start-ups like Arcadia Innovation have a new product that can be overlooked. On Tuesday at DAC I met with Joey Lin, founder of Arcadia Innovation and learned about his new STA (Static Timing Analysis) tool called TimeHawk .

    Article: TSMC Versus Intel: The Race to Semiconductors in 3D!-img_3450.jpg

    Q: What's new in STA?
    A: Cadence announced Tempus, so it's a big problem and traditinal tools like PrimeTime are just too slow.

    Q: How is TimeHawk different?
    Cadence has massive parallelization.

    TimeHawk - we have a technology lead inSTA by using parallelizations four years ago.

    TimeHawk - easy to learn, easy to use, standard input files (LIberty, SPEF, SDC, Verilog). Well suited for handling ECOs because making a change and seeing new timing in just 15 minutes or so.

    Article: TSMC Versus Intel: The Race to Semiconductors in 3D!-timehawk.jpg

    Q: Who is using TimeHawk?
    Customers - An ECO software company is using TimeHawk, called Nimbus Design Automation (Shanghai).

    Q: Are you in the TSMC reference flow?
    A: No, however we plan to get into the TSMC reference flow someday.

    Q: Where is TimeHawk developed?
    A: We've developed our tool over the past four years, here in the USA, Bay Area. Advisor - Jason Kong. Plan to expand in Beijing.

    Q: What is your background?
    A: Joey Lin - graduated from UCLA and did a startup called Aplus (timing for structured ASIC), acquired by Magma (Timer, physical synthesis).

    Q: How big is Arcadia?
    A: Arcadia - Under 20 people, funded privately from Angel investors.

    Q: What will success look like for your company?
    A: Success - People know about Arcadia and are using our STA tool.

    Q: How fast is TimeHawk?
    A: It is 100x Faster STA tool.

    Q: What platforms do you support?
    A: OS - Both linux and windows platform.

    Q: Do you handle Multi-Mode, Multi-Corner?
    A: Yes, Multi MOde Multi Corner - can be distributed to a compute form. Utilize all 8 cores in your CPU because we are so fast.