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  • Tela Innovations, DAC Update

    Lawsuits in EDA are common, and Tela Innovations filed a huge complaint back in February with the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) against HTC Corporation; HTC America, Inc.; LG Electronics, Inc.; LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc.; LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A., Inc.; Motorola Mobility LLC; Nokia Corporation; Nokia, Inc.; Pantech Co., Ltd.; and Pantech Wireless, Inc.

    At DAC last week I met with Neal Carney to get an update on what Tela Innovations is up to this year.

    Article: HP Will Farm Out Server Business to Intel-img_3427.jpg
    Dhrumil Gandhi (left), Neal Carney (right)

    Discussion Notes

    Power reduction benefits - gate length biasing to reduce leakage, (Blaze MO) analyze slack in non crtical paths then swap out for lower drive cells and lower dynamic power. Non disruptive to design, because the layout is smaller. Can reduce up to 15% on dynamic power. Works on a timing-closed design

    SOld to COT users or provided as a service. Published users are LSI Logic, Mellanox - network processing, Mindspeed - now defunct.

    TSMC (Power Trim) - using Tela technology.

    Litigation ongoing now.

    FinFET - still could use this approach with multi VT.

    All the data in chart is bulk CMOS, not FinFET or FD SOI (yet).
    Article: HP Will Farm Out Server Business to Intel-leakage-reduction.jpg
    Leakage Reduction

    Article: HP Will Farm Out Server Business to Intel-dynamic-power-optimization.jpg
    Concurrent Leakage and Dynamic Power Reduction

    Litigation - no news until settlement or agreement reached.

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