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  • Cell-Aware Test Seminar

    You may have heard about cell-aware testing. Itís a transistor-level test (ATPG) methodology that is quickly becoming a hot topic. If you are involved in DFT and are looking for better quality and reliability, you should definitely know about cell-aware testing.

    Methodics URL-cell-aware-main.jpg
    And lucky you, on May 16, 2013, you can attend a free seminar on cell-aware test at Mentor Graphics. It runs from 10:30am to 1:30pm, which means lunch is free too. Go here for details and registration.

    Basically, cell-aware test lets you detect faults that occur within standard cells that are often missed with the current models. Mentor and AMD published cell-aware production test results from a 32nm processor last fall, which offers a compelling value proposition (spoiler alert: 885 DPM reduction. Yowza.)

    Do you plan to use FinFETs any time soon? I hear that cell-aware testing will likely be a normal part of the DFT flow. This recent article talks about FinFet defect coverage with the cell-aware methodology.

    So, read the technical paper and the article, Google it, then sign up for the seminar and bring your questions.

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