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  • Adesto Acquisition of Atmel Serial Flash: Strange Bedfellows?

    Article: TSMC Versus Intel: The Race to Semiconductors in 3D!-adesto-atmel-gifOn October 1, Adesto Technologies announced that it had acquired Atmelís DataFlash and Serial Flash business groups. At first sight, this seemed a rather counter intuitive move for one of the most aggressive (and visible) companies in the emerging memory field. The purchase raised many questions to those, not least the moderator of this Blog, who have followed Adesto and its development of CBRAM (Conductive Bridging RAM). Was this a case of the company refocusing its attention towards Flash or is there more to the acquisition than meets the eye? Is it possible for a relatively young start-up to develop a successor technology while keeping customers happy (and supplied) with products based on the very technology they aim to replace? More over at

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    Article: TSMC Versus Intel: The Race to Semiconductors in 3D!-20nm-ref-flow-banner-gif