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  • Robustness, Reliability and Yield at DAC

    On Wednesday at DAC I met with Bob Slee, distributor and Michael Siu, AE for MunEDA to get an update on what's new. MunEDA has EDA software for:

    • Schematic porting
    • Nominal circuit analysis
    • Nominal circuit optimization
    • Statistical circuit analysis
    • Statistical circuit optimization
    • IP porting
    • Circuit model generation

    More important than just EDA tools they have tier one semiconductor customers using these tools.



    Users: AMS designer, IP design, custom, memory - use Wicked to help optimize a netlist. User will define which transistors to change or vary, then tool will invoke SPICE circuit simulator, measure results. Specify: W, L, VDD or even process parameters.


    Example: OpAmp circuit with a required gain. Wicked will optimize to try and reach the goal. If it cannot reach that spec it tells you.

    WICkeD works with: Spectre, HSIM, Eldo, etc. simulator indepedent.

    WICked: About 10 years old. From Technical University of Munich, help from Infineon.


    Customers: Samsung, Toshiba, Hynix, ST, Infineon, ON Semi, ST, Altera, Faraday, Bosch, Atmel, IR, Fraunhofer, X Fab, Dialog Semi.

    Sales: Contact your representative.

    Time based license.

    WiCkeD - Worst Case Distance for optimization.