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  • Aldec and Tanner EDA at DAC

    In April I blogged about a webinar on co-simulation hosted by Aldec and Tanner EDA where they showed how the RTL simulator (Riviera PRO) and SPICE simulator (T-Spice) had been connected together for IC designers wanting to do real AMS simulations.

    The availability date of the co-simulation wasn't clear, so today the press release says that this co-simulation is now available running on either Linux or Windows platforms.

    Here's a screenshot of how you would view both digital and analog waveforms in each viewer:

    I found out more info on one product bundle and pricing:
    • Schematic capture, S-Edit
    • Waveform viewer, W-Edit
    • SPICE circuit simulator, T-Spice
    • Verilog-A
    • Verilog-AMS
    • Riviera-PRO for Tanner A/MS
    • $21,083 for a 1 year Time Based License (TBL)

    Call you local Tanner EDA sales rep to get more details on pricing for other TBL terms or perpetual licenses.

    What makes this particular combination of AMS simulation different is how affordable it is, compared to what the big three EDA companies are charging.

    If you are headed to the DAC show in San Francisco held June 4-6, then check out this co-simulation at Aldec booth #2126 or Tanner EDA booth #1126. You can even register online for a private demo at Tanner EDA.